About Swedish Wound Healing Society

Swedish Wound Healing Society (SWHS) is a non-profit organisation open for everyone professionally interested in wounds and wound healing. The aim of the organisation is to spread knowledge and increase the level of competence in the field of wounds and wound healing. Our work is based on a scientific approach.

SWHS is an associate member of the European Wound Management Association (EWMA). We participate in the WHEN Project (European Network for Education in Wound Healing and Management).

Become a member

As a member of the organisation, you get:

  • Continuous updating of knowledge in the field of wounds and wound healing.
  • Access to networks and experts in the field from different professions.
  • Invitation to symposiums and educations organised by the organisation, and you will receive a wound journal.
    You pay a reduced participation fee.
  • Opportunity as an active member to shape the agenda and development of the organisation.

The membership fee is 150 SEK per year.

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